Utrecht – Netherlands, November 1, 2016 (2:30pm Barcelona Time)
Informed Products is proud to announce Senate, the first partner-developed content management application on the Dell EMC™ cloud-based LEAP platform. Senate provides support for formal meetings in any setting, allowing users to organize meetings, invite participants, create an agenda and document the decision making process and its outcome, using their own device. The app is being presented this week at Dell EMC’s Momentum Europe in Barcelona, Spain.

Also announced today, the Dell EMC LEAP Platform offers a deep set of enterprise-grade services that allow customers and partners to create their own apps, extend the off-the-shelf Leap apps and integrate with third-party apps. Developers have access to application program interface (API) documentation and tutorials, along with an intuitively designed developer center to quickly create apps, build and test models and configurations, and deploy them to production.

We were very enthusiastic from the moment the LEAP family was announced,” said Jeroen Jansen, CEO of Informed Products. “It’s something that really fills a gap in our offering. That’s why we didn’t need long to decide to take the leap and invest in building an app for the LEAP platform. We’re excited to be the first to start the development process and, working closely together with Dell EMC’s LEAP team, to provide a sounding board during production.

Informed Products’ experience in building document management solutions supporting similar processes, particularly for the city of Amsterdam, established there was a real need for an offering like Senate.

We decided this was the kind of process that would benefit greatly from a bring-your-own-device approach,” Jansen said. “VIPs that are always on the move want to be able to work from any device, anywhere. They also want to be sure they’re looking at the final, approved version of a decision. The cloud-based LEAP platform will provide the access they need.

The Enterprise Content Division (ECD) continues to deliver on our EMC LEAP goal of providing the best source for enterprise content apps that drive user productivity and solve digital business challenges,” said Savinay Berry, head of product management, design and business development for EMC LEAP and EMC Documentum, Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division. “Our work with Informed Products, a trusted, long-time partner, has resulted in the completion of the first of what promises to be many LEAP-based apps that will zero in on real customer needs with an elegant user experience. We are excited for the upcoming release of Senate.

The Senate app consists of three apps supporting different roles users can have around formal meetings: Organizer, Minutes and Reader.

Jansen continued, “Senate is a very useful tool, at the edge of technology and a beauty to boot. Not only does it work well, but the user experience and beautiful user-centric design make it fun to work with. I can’t wait to show the world.

Informed Products is an Informed Consulting company, Gold partner of EMC and Microsoft. Founded in January 2007, Informed Consulting is passionate about Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Their principal goal is to help connect people to the enterprise—bridging the gap between people and the enterprise as people collaborate in new and different ways outside the enterprise’s control.

For more information please contact Peter Brink or visit www.informedconsulting.com

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